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Graphic Design


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Portal 9 Magazine Commission

December, 2012 | Aziza Chaouni Projects
Toronto, Ontario


   Citizens vote with their feet. They may follow prosperity and opportunity; they may take large risks to escape repressive economies or oppressive regimes. It can also be said that border inequality encourages crossing when a 'generous' economic safety net awaits. This project explores the phenomena of small Spanish exclaves Ceuta and Melilla north of Morocco is the case study under investigation.

   The future of their border relations is uncertain, but alternatives to unsustainable flocks of immigration can be imagined. Free trade agreements have eased tensions between neighbours, yet temptations to migrate still remain high.
   Portal 9, a Lebanese journal, commissioned professor Aziza Chaouni and myself to propose and explore new ideas within arabic spheres of thought.


Libertarian Party Rebrand

September, 2012 | Graphic Design

Libertarian Party of Canada (Federal)