Line Seeking


Line Seeking with Adem O'Byrne is an upcoming brand of action sport filmmaking. Line Seeking is the active search for exhilaration in the natural and built environment. The vision is to capture new perspectives in action sports and perpetuate positive aspects of the culture. Action Sport videography can inspire both healthy habits and calculated risks. When an athlete seeks a line, they leave their comfort zone and push their limits. Line Seeking is also a process of freezing into motion-picture the feeling behind the moment; which may require careful camera placement and editing.

Line Seeking showcases athletes at the height of their game, in Rider Features, such as the talented snowboarder from Québec, Marc Lanthier. Line Seeking brings together athletes of varied ability and style in Rider Sessions. It also documents the personal progression of Adem O'Byrne through various board sports. Different filming and editing styles are explored. 

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