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The house music project 'Albertan Sunrise' has been in the works for nine months and is now ready to be born. For that crispy lo-fi meets new school upbeat vibe, this album has it.

Produced in Propellerhead Reason with a number of external sample packs, 'Albertan Sunrise' is a house music experiment in genre blending and generation bridging.


Kapital Enemy


The musical side of Adem O'Byrne is Kapital Enemy, the house music composer, beatboxer, and vocalist. Music is produced using Propellerhead Reason 9.0 Software and M-Audio Axiom 25. There are five main influences you can hear in the music:

  1. East Coast House — archetypal lo-fi oldschool sampling, chopped vocals, and dance-inspiring shuffle. (Think Boston Bun, Mall Grab)
  2. French Touch — phased synths, funky distortions to the bassline, and heavy hitting kicks. (Think Daft Punk, Stardust, Crydamoure)
  3. Deep House — deep pads, simple rhythms, and unexpected melodic progression. (Think Kidnap Kid, Icarus, Lane 8)
  4. Acid Jazz — combining jazz, soul, funk and disco, a smooth sound with improvisational moments. (Think Saint Germaine, Digable Planets, Jamiroquai)